World of Warcraft Client Patch 3.3.5
22.06.2010 - 18:46

- World of Warcraft Client Patch 3.3.5
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Assault on the Ruby Sanctum

For ages the red dragonflight and its noble matriarch, Alexstrasza
the Life-Binder, have dedicated themselves to preserving all life on
Azeroth. Recently, the very heart of this virtuous dragonflight has
come under threat.

An eerie silence has settled over the Ruby Sanctum, the red
dragonflight's sacred lair within the Chamber of the Aspects. This
troubling development has led to fears that the sanctum, home to
Azeroth's largest clutch of red dragon eggs, has been breached by an
unknown, sinister force. If these claims are true and immediate
action is not taken, the benevolent red dragonflight might be
crippled forever.

Real ID: A New Way to Connect With Your Friends on

One of our goals for the new is to create the framework
for an online gaming experience that is even more accessible, more
engaging, and more entertaining than the previous The
newly released Real ID feature, available to World of Warcraft
players as part of patch 3.3.5, is an integral part of this effort,
providing you with advanced ways for forming and maintaining
meaningful relationships with your friends on the service.

Real ID is a completely voluntary and optional level of identity
that keeps players connected across all of When you and
a friend mutually agree to become Real ID friends, you'll have
access to a number of additional features that will enrich your
social gaming experience in new and exciting ways. More details can
be found here:


- The Ruby Sanctum, an all-new 10- and 25-player raid dungeon
featuring normal and Heroic difficulties, has been added! Players
will find the dungeon entrance below Wyrmrest Temple in
Dragonblight. Please note due to the way this patch is being applied
in all regions, this dungeon will not immediately be available in
North America. Stay tuned to our General Discussion forum for an
official announcement on the opening of the Ruby Sanctum:
- The functionality of the Vote Kick feature in the Dungeon Finder
will now behave differently according to a playerís history with the
system. Players using the Dungeon Finder who rarely vote to kick
players from a group, or rarely abandon groups before a dungeon is
complete, will find that the Vote Kick option will have no cooldown.
For players who frequently abandon groups or vote to kick other
players, the Vote Kick option will be kept on a cooldown. This
functionality will adjust itself as a playerís behavior while using
the Dungeon Finder changes.

User Interface

- Chat Frame
Players can now right-click on any chat type (Whisper, Trade,
General, Party, Raid, etc.) and choose to move conversation types
into separate windows. This will move that chat type to a separate
tab in the Chat frame which can be undocked and moved anywhere on
the screen.
Using the Move to Whisper Window option on a Whisper will place the
conversation with that player in a separate tab.
Any time a conversation with another player is put into its own tab,
the tab will glow when a new message is received.
Hovering over the Chat Frame and using the mouse wheel will allow
players to scroll through chat text.
Players can select Classic Mode under Interface Options to keep the
Chat Frame functionality closer to what it was prior to patch 3.3.5.
The Simple Chat User Interface option has been removed.
- Friends List
A new icon has been added to the top left of the Chat Frame which
will open up the Friends list.
In addition to its current functionality, the Friends List will now
allow players to add accounts (Real ID). Players will
have to confirm that they are friends in order for a Real ID to be
added. Once Real ID friends, players can communicate cross-game,
cross-faction and cross-realm.
A new Pending tab has been added where players can accept or decline
a Real ID friend request, or select the Report Spam or Block
Communications buttons.
Players can now select from three statuses which will be visible to
their friends: Available, Away and Busy.
A Broadcast window has been added to the top of the frame. Players
can use this to broadcast a message to all of their Real ID friends
online. This message will also be displayed under the broadcasterís
Real ID information in each friendís list.
For additional notes on Lua and XML changes please visit the UI &
Macros Forum:

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